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English Jobs Abroad in Thailand, South Korea, China, India


American TESOL Institute offers the best deal in TEFL certification program amidst the cultural and natural opulence. The special China project presented by ATI caters to the need of all who wanted to explore Asia while being a TEFL teacher, but could never make it; this fascinating dual package of TEFL Certificate and 6 months TEFL job in China promises to pamper your traveling needs and passion for teaching.

It is the best and the most lucrative opportunity to experience the culture and hospitality of Asia, not just as a foreigner tourist but also to be living amongst the Chinese people and implementing your teaching skills while teaching English and other subjects to the Chinese kids and adults. These projects which are currently based in China is best value for money in terms of TESOL training and well-paying TEFL / ESL jobs; helping you to qualify and be globally certified as a TESOL trained teacher, guaranteeing an international standard of teaching skills. This special TESOL qualification and training is recognized and accredited anywhere in the world guaranteeing attractive short term and permanent jobs as TEFL teachers in variety of schools, even after the contract of your special program is over.

As a part of this winning combination of an intensive Online TESOL Certification program followed by 6 months of ESL job program in China, this international level of TESOL training implants within the prospective ESL teachers, all the fundamental TEFL techniques. The real time classroom teaching on the other hand in China gives you the most lucrative opportunity and opens up numerous career possibilities with the best salary in the ESL Industry. INTO China and our partner universities offer you the opportunity to study a Chinese language course on a leading Chinese university campus.

Most of the teacher training courses that provide TESOL Courses or similar TEFL Courses to native English speakers have a limited number of hours for practice teaching. But this specially rated yet globally recognized TESOL program from American TESOL Institute exposes you to 6 months of real time teaching experience in China soon after the completion of your TESOL certification and a chance to immerse yourself in the most hi-tech cities in the world.

You pay a very affordable rate of 399 USD for an International TESOL course and in return earn an attractive starting salary of US $ 732- $ 1,172 (as per the current conversion rate) per month with free accommodation, airfare, work Visa and medical coverage and so on by the virtue of the offer for immediate job placements provided to TESOL certified teachers, now equipped to rule the world of ESL teaching.

English Jobs China

Image1An internationally acclaimed 120 hours of TESOL certificate from American TESOL Institute, followed with immediate teaching placement in Thailand.

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English Jobs Thailand

Image1An internationally acclaimed 120 hours of TESOL certificate from ATI, followed with immediate teaching placement in China.

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English Jobs Korea

Image1An internationally acclaimed 120 hours of TESOL certificate from ATI, followed with immediate teaching placement in China.

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